Current Year: 2nd Year: Loughborough University- Computer Science BSc

  • Experienced in programming in Python (OOP and procedural)

  • Created an online shop using Java and Window Builder

  • Made a Weddings Venues website that used SQL, PHP, Ajax, HTML, JavaScript and CSS to produce venue results

  • Made a memory game on an Arduino using C++

  • Created a Tank Game in Python using Pyglet library (Available at request)

  • Created a simple app using the Android Studio

  • Completed "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing" course by Google Garage

  • Helped design a website for a Community Centre as part of volunteering

(Most of these projects are available on my GitHub or on request)


Degree: Computer Science BSc

  • Achieved 78.2% in Year 1 (1st)

A Levels:

  • Maths- A

  • Computer Science- B

  • Biology- B


  • 9 in Maths

  • 6 in English Literature and Language

  • 5 As (in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Spanish)

  • A* in Computer Science

Rajeev Jhaj CV

A bit about me... August 2018

Hi, I'm Rajeev.

I've always had a strong enthusiasm for Computer Science. This began in year 9 when I learnt Python at school. Outside of school, I would always be checking the latest advancements in technology. The new phones. The new Android features. The new crazy home automation devices like a showerhead with a speaker. I loved it all.

It was this interest that sparked me to follow my pursue of technology after I finished GCSEs where I chose Computer Science as an A-Level whilst also studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I learnt Python at even more depth at A-Level. I created games. I was challenged every week with coding problems. I learnt the concept of Object-Oriented Programming.

Outside of sixth form, I worked part-time as a teaching assistant at Kumon and a cashier at Nandos. Working with kids every week was so rewarding, I helped them get a better understanding of Maths and English whilst also making a fun environment for them to be in. Working at Nandos helped me to learn all the things school don't teach you. I became a team player, I realised communication is key in a business and I also was taught how to give amazing customer service to anyone who walked in.

These positions have enhanced my ability to problem solve, along with teaching me to keep calm under pressure. I have learnt co-operation and listening to the views of others can really help with balancing conflicting demands. Karate taught me discipline and dedication. I also took part in NCS and Head Start where I volunteered at a community centre; helping to develop their website and interacting with the elderly at their lunch club. These experiences have given me skills required to communicate well with others in a professional environment.

After completing my A-Levels I got a place at Loughborough University, a place well-rated for teaching Computer Science. I started in September 2019 and have loved studying my course in so much detail. I've also been working at the Nandos here part-time on weekends whilst also doing many societies every evening.

Throughout GCSE and A Level Computer Science, I have learnt to programme in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and terminal commands. I have also learnt decomposition and abstraction skills which have aided my ability to create a tank game for my coursework. I am making my tank project using the Pyglet library in Python. I have created this game in object-oriented design and have used recursion within it.

Studying Mathematics at A Level has taught me how to create equations which I regularly use in programming. It has also taught me to approach problems in a structured way which aids my ability to problem solve; a key skill in Computer Science. I study A-Level Biology because I enjoy seeing how technology affects this field. Google's DeepMind AI has recently been trained to recognise eye diseases with a 94.5% accuracy. This shows how technology is speeding up diagnosis and that it can save people's lives. These changes are vital to improve our healthcare and is exciting to see these developments in different fields.

I am currently taking the "Android Development for Beginners" course on Udacity where I have been expanding my knowledge of programming languages outside of school. In this course I am learning to use Java to code an app to create online birthday cards..This was challenging because I was unfamiliar with the language and syntax. I overcame these problems with research from places such as GitHub.

I have completed the "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing" course by Google Garage to improve my understanding of technology in business. I learnt how businesses use software tools to attract customers, particularly the use of data analytics.